Columbia Mens Kestrel Trail Omni-Wick UPF 50 Shorts

Do you have Columbia Mens Kestrel Trail Omni-Wick UPF 50 Shorts.

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  • 100% Nylon
  • Elastic closure
  • Omni-Shade UPF 50 sun protection.
  • Omni-Wick advanced evaporation.
  • Partial elastic at waist. Zip-closed security pocket.
  • Pockets with hook and loop closure.
  • Body: 100% nylon. Lining: 57% recycled polyester 43%polyester.

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Columbia Mens Kestrel Trail Omni-Wick UPF 50 Shorts Advantages

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Columbia Mens Kestrel Trail Omni-Wick UPF 50 Shorts Disadvantages

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