2UNDR Swing Shift 6″ Boxer Brief 2-Pack

If you’re finding to 2UNDR Swing Shift 6″ Boxer Brief 2-Pack.

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  • No Closure closure
  • JOEYPOUCH: Construction to support your equipment in comfort and style. The innovative design elevates and separates a mans most valuable assets to deliver the perfect fit while preventing unwanted skin contact.
  • NO-DRIP-TIP: Our thermal reduction fabric features a hydrophobic membrane that quickly disperses unwanted moisture for a soft comfy dry environment. Stay cool. Stay comfy.
  • BAND: 2UNDR uses the highest quality yarn in our roll-resistant waistbands. The comfort is unrivaled and reinforced to maximize flexibility and feel.
  • FABRIC: Ultra Soft Signature Modal Fabric 95% Lenzing Modal Beechwood Fiber 5% Elastane Shrink resistant material remains soft even after repeated washing.
  • STITCHING: 2UNDR flat locked stitching and construction seams are intelligently placed to avoid potential rub zones for a seamless look and feel.

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2UNDR Swing Shift 6″ Boxer Brief 2-Pack Disadvantages

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2UNDR Swing Shift THE FABRIC Modal and cotton were made for each other. The result of this partnership is the familiar texture and breathability of cotton combined with the silkiness of modal. The Swing Shift is perfect for the everyday hustle and softens with each wash until nirvana sets in. THE JOEY POUCH The Joey Pouch is a soft and comfortable environment for your most valuable assets. Constructed with premium fabrics the pouch delivers the perfect fit while preventing unwanted skin contact (Patent-Pending). THE BAND A good band can make all the difference. 2