100% Pure New Wool Irish Springweight Aran Sweater

If you’re looking for 100% Pure New Wool Irish Springweight Aran Sweater.

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Brand : West End Knitwear

Category : Pullovers

Ratings : 4.6 Star

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  • This Beautiful 100% Pure New Wool Irish Springweight Aran Sweater.
  • Made by the renowned West End Knitwear Irelands biggest knitwear manufacturer.
  • Available in a selection of colors and sizes. A must have for any wardrobe.
  • This sweater is both warm and stylish which features a variety of Irish Aran Knitting styles this can be worn by men and women.
  • Designed in Ireland and delivered from Ireland to the US within 6-9 Days plus free Irish gift with every purchase.

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100% Pure New Wool Irish Springweight Aran Sweater100% Pure New Wool Irish Springweight Aran Sweater

100% Pure New Wool Irish Springweight Aran Sweater Advantages

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100% Pure New Wool Irish Springweight Aran Sweater Disadvantages

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Product Descriptions

This crew neck sweater is the most famous style in Aran knitting. Made from 100% pure new wool this sweater can be worn by both men and women. This garment features a variety of Irish Knitting styles each with their own sybolism and meaning. The honeycomb stitch represents the hardworking honey bee the diamond stitch represents wealth and success and the traditional Aran basket stitch is a symbol of good luck. Warmth is the key to this style and made from 100% pure new wool it is sure not to let you down. A must have during the autumn and winter this sweater is ideal for outdoor wear. Available in Ecru Natural Fleck Blackwatch and Moss and Denim.

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